Real Estate For Sale in Shenandoah Valley, Virginia -
Sky Chalet Mountain Lodge - established 1937.
Operating Bed and Breakfast Hotel ( Lodge, Cabins, Inn ), Restaurant Building, Home Residence,Maintenance Shop, Storage Bldg,
Hotel Expansion Options in Place
on 14.889 Acres with the most Spectacular Views !

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A sunrise from the Rental Lodge at Sky Chalet Mountain Lodge
A sunrise from the Rental Lodge at Sky Chalet Mountain Lodge



1/3 of the US population is within a 6 hour travel.

Washington DC and Northern VA, MD, less than 2 hours - 1/2 gas tank.

10 miles off a major corridor in Va I-81.

Shenandoah Valley area of unparalled beauty.

National historic and Civil War area.

Centrally located on the east coast.

Origin of the waterheads toward the Atlantic, rivers.

Natural Attractions - Mountains, caverns, valley crafts and culture.

Tourism attractions - Williamsburg, Montecello, Washington, DC pull tourist within 10 miles.

This area is basically recession proof with government and government supported and subsidized businessses and agencies and embassies at hand.

There isn't just a summer season here !
Extended peak seasons throughout the winter means income/cash flow even during winter months !

4 Seasons offer mutiple peak periods: snow skiing, tubing, boarding in Winter; garden and flower beauty in Spring; golfing, tennis, pool, lake activities for vacationers in Summer; leaf peekers in the Fall; as well as the Thanksgiving and Christmas family reunions.
Many avid hikers come during every season.
Pilots enjoy the Sky Bryce Airstrip at Bryce Resort.


Views are the prominent reason tourist visit the valley. We have the ABSOLUTELY best views.

Millions of acres of National Forest is all around us for people to enjoy.

Bryce Resort, a 4 season resort with snow skiing, golf, tennis, pool and lake activities, is literally next door.

Bryce Resort is in need of a hotel and this location is right next to Bryce Resort. A recent feasibility study indicates that there is a strong need for a hotel near the Resort.

Orkney Springs, a village built around the largest oldest historical wood structured hotel in VA, is 3 miles dead end past our driveway. It is still very popular today.

Approvals for the appropriate development are in hand and ready to go!

Tourism is a sought after economic industy in this area.

This land offers more for a tourist than any other... considering! And the potential for development is limitless if done tastefully and within the objectives of the Valley.


Gas is high ! Unemployment is up ! Jobs are scarce ! A recession is near !

So why develop now ?

Well on the other hand, interest rates are low, labor costs is down, supply is up and demand is down. Therefore, development costs is down.

So what about the recession ?

Hit what is recession proof. Our area is recession proof when it comes to tourism. When everything else goes bad, the US Government and all is practical environment thrives while all others just survive. Even when gas was approaching $4.00 per gallon, touring attractions at a nearby caverns still held up superb attendance.
People still want and need to get away from the city to the mountains for a little "me" time.


Land is subjective.

Land speaks for itself to any developer where one sees obstacles, another sees opportunities. The lay of the land excites the creative jucies to flow with the imagination that very few come to know.

Come and see for yourself while the opportunity lasts. Remember,

..."opportunities never come at our convenience."

Consider calling (540)-856-2964 or email and let's talk !


Ken Seay

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